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Come on in if you are well.

We at Liberty want to let our customers know what we are doing in response to the COVID-19 virus.  As a local small business, we want to protect our customers and staff during this unfortunate time.  We are enforcing social distancing & enhanced cleaning measures.

Updated Store Hours:


Monday - Saturday

For any customer who would like to schedule a time with one of our sales associates to help with their purchase, please email and we will schedule a time via phone, Zoom or FaceTime to walk you through your purchase decision.  All general questions use or 828-274-2453.

Shop online at and select If you want delivery or pickup in-store.

curbside pickup and dropoff

Anyone who wants curbside pickup of their repair or products, feel free to call us once you have arrived and we will deliver the products to your car.

Delivery of new product and delivery and pickup of repairs will be available. Please email or call 828-274-2453 if you have questions or to schedule a delivery or pickup.

Other Important Updates:

social distancing

Social Distancing

For anyone who visits Liberty Bicycles, we will be cognizant of the six foot rule for social distancing.  For Liberty Bicycles to remain open, staff and customers must maintain a six foot distance during all conversations and transactions.  At time of checkout, all customers need to remain behind the taped lines at our cash register areas until payment is needed.  We may at times have to lock the doors to limit customers to a one to one basis with staff.  No browsing of the showroom is allowed at this time.  All accessory and clothing areas are roped off at this time.  All products will be brought to the customer so we can ensure minimal contact with product and staff.

bike sales

Bike Sales

We understand that anyone looking to purchase a bike will have lots of questions before their purchase.  Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we would appreciate using a personal sales associate via phone, Zoom or FaceTime.  We can then narrow your selection before you ever come to the store.  This will allow us to minimize contact but still make sure you have the perfect bike for your riding style.  Liberty Bicycles has always cherished our relationships with our customers, but for us to remain open during this crisis, we must do these things to limit exposure to both customers and staff.



 The Liberty will be cleaning and sanitizing all common customer and staff areas hourly.  Any product that is being handled by the staff or customer is being sanitized.  This includes any bikes being test ridden as well as repairs being completed.  Liberty will require all staff and customers to use hand sanitizer located at our front entrance any time they enter the store.

Service check in

Service Check In

All repairs coming in for check in must be done via quick check in form at our front entrance.  An estimate will be provided via email before any work will be completed.  Any while you wait repair taking longer than 5 minutes must be dropped off and picked up later.  While your repair is being completed, we ask that you remain in our customer zone.


Any staff members who are sick or need time off to take care of sick friends or family will be given paid time off for those days.  

No fitting services

Fitting Services

Bicycle Fitting Services are suspended. Fitting appointments will be rescheduled or canceled depending on each customer’s preference.