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One Bike. Yours.

Liberty + Seven Cycles = 260+ Happy Custom Bike Owners & Counting

STEP 1: Schedule Your Appointment

Convenient & Right Here at Liberty Bicycles

Call (828) 274-2453 or email to set up your interview and fit with one of our trained and certified bike fitters. You can expect this appointment to last at least two hours - we have a lot to cover!

STEP 2: In-Depth Consultation + Fit Appointment

In-Depth Consultation

Your bike is literally built just for you, so we’ve got to get all of the details straight. During your interview with one of our professionally trained and certified fitters will conduct an in-depth, one-on-one consultation to learn about your physiology, athletic history, and goals so that we can create the perfect bicycle for you. This includes a conversation about your component choices for your new custom bike.

Complete Custom Bike Fit

Next you are on to the Complete Site Cycle Fitting, a $300 value, included in the purchase of your new custom Seven Cycles bike. Our Fit expert will meticulously go through a series of measurements to evaluate your position, physiology and more. Once we have all of the personalized information we need we send over the interview notes, size cycle info and kit sheet to Seven Cycles and they provide you with quote within the week.

STEP 3: Seven Cycles Interview

Double Check Every Detail & Finalize Specs

The next step is an interview with your Frame Designer at Seven Cycles. Seven Cycles then shares the fit specs with us so we can set up a time with you, in the fit room or over the phone, to review the specs and finalize the kit sheet.

STEP 4: Pick Up Your Perfect Bike

Customized Just for You

Once all of the details have been finalized, Seven Cycles will custom build each of the pieces and components to fit you perfectly. The frame and components are shipped to our professional fitters to build and install. You come in for one final fit, we make sure it is the bike of your dreams, and you ride if off into the sunset.

Take a Look at Some of Our Favorite Seven Cycle Custom Builds

Seven Cycles Custom Build 1
Seven Cycles Custom Build 2
Seven Cycles Custom Build 3
Seven Cycles Custom Build 4

The 828 - Customized In Honor Of Our 40th Anniversary

The 828 image