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At Liberty Bicycles, our goal is to help every cyclist thoroughly enjoy their cycling experience. A properly fit bicycle helps make the most of every ride. So when you buy a bike from us we include a floor bike fit that includes seat height, fore-aft position, and stem position as part of your purchase. We also offer more in-depth bike fitting services to further enhance your cycling experience cultivating more comfort and greater power. Having been professionally trained in Trek Precision Fit and Bicycle Fitting Services, our staff is qualified to help maximize your positive riding experience.

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Comfort & Efficiency

Since 1979, our staff has been helping happier, faster, more confident cyclists ride out of the shop and off to cycling success. We conduct in-depth, one-on-one consultations with novice and experienced cyclists. We use your physiology, athletic history, and goals to create a better experience between you and your bicycle.

The Benefit Of A Fitting

What better way to embark on a new experience – or improve on an already existing love of cycling – than to have a professional customize your bicycle for you? If you have experienced saddle discomfort, back pain, sore knees, or hand numbness, you’ll be happy to hear that these and other discomforts can be minimized or eliminated.

Bike Fit Options



Fitting is done on a stationary trainer in our fit studio.

Adjust saddle position. This includes height and fore-aft to maximize power and comfort.

Set handlebar position to achieve most comfortable and powerful riding position.

Set cleat position to maximize power as well as foot comfort.

Allow 1 to 1.5 hours to complete.



Includes all elements in the Essential Bike Fit PLUS:

Detailed interview to assess rider’s style of riding, flexibility, injuries and any current on bike issues.

Use of advanced tools including Precision Size Cycle and Saddle Pressure Mapper.

Complimentary when purchasing a custom bike from Liberty Bicycles.

Allow 2 to 2.5 hours to complete.


Cleat Installation (no charge with shoe and pedal purchase) $20

Saddle Pressure Mapping $100

Fit Transfer to other bikes (parts not included) $100

Triathlon/TT Fit Upcharge $100

Basic seat height adjustment $50


Your custom bike build starts here. Our fit experts will meticulously evaluate your position, physiology, and riding goals before we submit your order for construction. The measurements taken during your bike fitting are sent to the manufacturer and the frame and components are assembled according to your measurements: Your bike is literally built just for you.

Because we believe a proper fit is critical to your enjoyment of your new bike, we'll apply the cost of this fit appointment to the price of your new custom bike order.

Project One

When you're ready to improve your comfort, power, and control, make an appointment with one of our professional bike fitters. When you’re due for your appointment, just roll in with your bike, your cycling shoes, the shorts you normally ride in, and a willingness to discover a new level of cycling comfort. We will take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Know My Bike Is The Right Size. How Would I Benefit From A Fitting?

Bike manufacturers design bikes to fit the average person, based on a range of sizes. Unfortunately, most people are not average and height isn't the only measurement that matters. A bike also has to fit with your personal ability, flexibility, riding style, and your goals. A fine-tuned bike is like a tailored suit, you could buy off the rack, but it won’t be your best option.

I'm A Woman. Will My Fit Be Different?

While the goals are identical (comfort and efficiency), there are differences in male and female anatomy. Modifying the bike and your position on it can make cycling a far more enjoyable experience for anyone.

Liberty Bicycles is a woman-owned small business, and Claudia ensures that we are prepared to take every step possible to fit women riders of every experience and skill level.