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Upgrading your bike to a new model couldn't be easier. We have a quick and easy trade-in process that ensures that you receive fair market value and helps you avoid the hassle of listing your bike online. Start by requesting an offer from The Pro’s Closet or Bicycle Blue Book. 

If you like the trade-in offer, we will help you pick out a new bike and will apply your trade in amount towards the purchase price or give you in-store credit to use at the store. *See important details below.

Why Trade-In

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We Want Your Trade-In

We sell used bikes, which means that we actually want your trade-in. Most dealers don't, which usually means a low trade-in offer.

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Upgrade Your Collection

If you have a bicycle that just doesn't get used, trade it in with us, and we'll give you credit towards something you will actually ride!


No Hassle

Don't want to deal with Craigslist or the hassle of taking apart, packing and shipping a bike? Trading-in is a quick and easy way to get real value out of an unused bike.

Bicycle Blue Book

THE Pro's Closet

Swing by and get your estimate today!