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Please note that we will be closing at 5 pm every Thursday for Liberty Ride night. Join our family-friendly Cruise & Brews ride. 

Bike Repair Shop

Service Check In:

All repairs coming in for check in must be done via quick check in form at our front entrance.  An estimate will be provided via email before any work will be completed.  Any while you wait repair taking longer than 5 minutes must be dropped off and picked up later.  While your repair is being completed, we ask that you remain in our customer zone.

Our Bike Repair Packages:

BRONZE tune-up $85 

Our basic bike repair package. If your bike has been collecting more dust than miles, this is the service for you.

  • Basic cleaning of bike
  • Adjustment of fixing bolts for safety
  • Wheel true in wheel truing stand
  • Adjustment of derailleurs
  • Adjustment of brakes/Installation of brake pads
  • Lube cables, chain and pivot points of bicycle
  • Inflate tires to proper pressures
parts & installation fees not included
SILVER TUNE-up $135 

A more complete bike repair & maintenance tune up. Get your bike thoroughly cleaned, perfectly tuned and lubricated.

  • Includes everything in the Bronze Tune-up PLUS...
  • Complete bike wash
  • Complete drivetrain cleaning in enviro-friendly parts washer
  • Wheel true and round in wheel truing stand
  • Drivetrain and brake installation charges included
  • Top bleed of disc brakes if needed
parts & suspension service not included
GOLD Overhaul $295 

We give your bike a complete overhaul. Get your well-worn machine looking and riding like a brand new bike.

  • Includes everything in Silver Tune-up PLUS...
  • Complete bicycle disassembly - cleaning and detailing.
  • Clean drivetrain in environmentally friendly parts washer.
  • Overhaul/install - bottom bracket, headset and hubs.
parts & suspension service not included
Our top bike repair mechanic
Voted Best Repair Shop in WNC by Mountain Xpress Readers

This page dedicated in loving memory to our former service manager, Miles McKee.