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DT Swiss EX 1501 Spline ONE 25 27.5-inch Front

DT Swiss EX 1501 Spline ONE 25 27.5-inch Front
  • Axle | Color | Size: 100 x 15mm | Black | 27.5-inch
  • Axle | Color | Size: 110 x 15mm | Black | 27.5-inch
  • Axle | Color | Size: 110 x 20mm | Black | 27.5-inch
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The Enduro incarnation of the SPLINE ONE line-up. Based on a rim that has survived top to bottom runs without a tire under world class riders such as Aaron Gwin, the EX 1501 SPLINE ONE 25 has nothing to prove when it comes to strength. For Enduro racers it comes in handy that it features tech details like the specially developed rim surface hardening process for increased durability at no additional weight. Being built of DT's highest-end components through and through, it should come as no surprise that Jared Graves and Richie Rude have been dominating the EWS on this exact wheelset.

Tubeless technology

Going tubeless allows you to run lower tire pressures without the added weight of a tube. Lower tire pressure has many benefits, including greater traction, lower rolling resistance over rough surfaces, and decreased risk of a puncture-related flat.

Tubeless-ready rims and tires are parts of a complete system that eliminate the need for tubes by creating an airtight chamber between the rim and tire. Liquid sealant is added to the chamber to fill small punctures and maintain air pressure while you ride.

UST (Universal Standard for Tubeless) is a specific type of tubeless system that dictates the shape of the rim and tire beads. UST rims should be paired with UST-specific tires for best results.

Front wheels for downhill and some dirt jump bikes with 110mm x 20mm axle dimensions are made with either Boost or non-Boost hubs. Although the axle dimensions are the same, wheels with Boost in the name mean the hub flanges and rotor mount sit wider than standard hub flanges.

Boost and non-Boost components are not interchangeable. Boost wheels and hubs can only be used with Boost forks, and non-Boost hubs can only be used with non-Boost forks. Check your fork compatibility before purchasing.


Rim Material Aluminum
Rim Depth 21mm
Brake Compatibility 100 x 15mm & 110 x 15mm: Center Lock Disc
110 x 20mm: 6-bolt
Inner Rim Width 25mm
Outer Rim Width 30mm
Hub DT 240
Spokes DT competition straightpull
Nipples DT ProLock Squorx ProHead aluminum
Lacing 3-cross
Valve Type Presta
Extras Tubeless tape 27mm, Tubeless valve MTB 32mm, IS 6-bolt adapter MTB

* Subject to change without notice.